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Prototyping and short run at high volume pricing.
By focusing on a few specific manufacturing capabilities, we keep prices low.

Current Lead Time: 3-4 weeks from receiving the kitted parts

Cost Per Placement of Component
 Type  Cost/Place  Setup Cost  Notes
 Library  $0.035  free  check parts library
 Passive  $0.045  $20  0603 or larger
 IC  $0.05  $30  standard IC on 8, 12, or 16mm reel
 Fine Pitch  $0.08  $30  0.5mm pin pitch or less
 Wide Reel  $0.08  $50  24mm, 32mm, 44mm reel sizes
 Trayed Part  $0.08  $50  Limit One
 Hand Place  $0.25  free  through hole and connectors
 (*subject to pin count)

Totals and Discounts
 Service  Amount  Notes
 Minimum Order  $800  All orders under $800 (including discount) will be  rounded up
 Open Source Discount  -20%  Any project that has open sourced their complete  design
 Education Discount  -10%  Can you prove you are a student or teacher and this  is not for profit project?
 Cash Discount  -4%  Payments made by check or wire transfer recieve a  discount as we won't incur PayPal fees.

Penalty Fees
***Save us both time and money by not breaking the design guidelines
 Service  Amount  Notes
 Reeling Fee  $20  Please purchase reeled components. It will be cheaper
 through Mouser or Digikey than paying Basic Boards.
 Reels not required for 24mm, 32mm, and 44mm tape
 Centroid Fault  $50  If the center of the part is incorrect or rotation is off.

Design Rules, Guidelines, and Limitations
 Rule  Notes
 Board Panel Size  12" X 8.5" maximum panelized size (limited by reflow)
 Single Sided  All SMT parts must be on one side. Hand placed parts will be placed  after reflow and either side is okay.
 Minimum Placements  Every Panel should have 400+ placements. It takes time between  switch panels and running reflow.
 5% Excess Supply  Please supply 5% excess of parts for rework and loss when setting  reels up. Any remaining parts will be shipped back with completed  boards.
 6inches of tape excess  Non-reeled parts should be ordered with 6 inches excess tape for  setting up the machine.
 Tubed parts  We do not have the capability at the moment; must be hand placed.  See if the part is also available in reel or tray.
 Lead Free  We only work with ROHS lead free solder paste.
 Limited Hand Place  Maximum of 10% parts placed by hand.
 Polarity  Silkscreen or additional documentation should indicate polarity for  visual inspection when programming centroid file.

The above pricing is provided for budgetary purposes. Prices are subject to change and we will update as soon as possible.
Last Updated 5/7/2014

Please send in your BOM and Centroid files for official quote. View our tutorials page for BOM example.

Feeder Capabilities
 Size  Quantity  Notes
 8mmx2  3  For 0402 passive components and very small ICs where  tapes advances at 2mm per part.
 8mmx4  22  For 0603 & 0805 passive components. Also for small ICs  where tape advances at 4mm per part.
 12mmxadj  4  For ICs. Advancement adjustable.
 16mmxadj  4  For ICs. Advancement adjustable.
 24mm Tape Feed  4  Tape feed requires continuous cut tape or reeled parts
 32mm Tape Feed  2  Tape feed requires continuous cut tape or reeled parts
 44mm Tape Feed  2  Tape feed requires continuous cut tape or reeled parts
***We will continue to increase the number of feeders up to our 44qty limit. Please inquire for large project needs.

Warranty: Basic Boards takes every precaution to make sure the assembled boards are to the customer's specifications. Dual camera system in assembly provides precise placement. Magnified visual checks will be taken after each step. PCB's must be electrically tested before assembly. High end made in USA machines contribute to our quality standards. We will rework any parts that incorrectly reflow and fix any faults due to our manufacture. Electrical tests and programming jigs can be provided by the customer to enhance QC. Basic Boards must be immediately notified of faults detected after shipment. Basic Boards will not be responsible to faults due to follow-on assembly, improper pad or solder stencil design, non manufacturable designs.

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